Aspects of Women's Suffrage

In this exhibit, you will explore the aspects of women’s suffrage. As we move through the exhibit, we will look at the sides of suffrage, for things you know such as marching to seeing why some women said no to suffrage. The battle for women’s right to vote was more than just marching and posters it was a petition for social and legal change. The country was changing, reforms were being demanded to why not change the legislature too? Women’s suffrage is important to the progressive era not only because it added an amendment to the constitution or changed the shape of history as we know it but because it added to other progressive battles. Women were added to the pro-workers’ rights ideology and the social experience of nickel shows. Women added elements to the progressive era because they were people and involved in their societies- all they were doing was fighting to gain some recognition.


Angelica N. Felder